Responsible Lending

Borrowing a loan is an important and serious decision. Before you proceed with our services at Loans In Hand you should know that we are not involved in direct loan lending or extend any credit assistance. We only offer free referral services and easy loan comparison solutions only. We will put our best effort to help direct you to favorable loan lenders.

We treat every application fairly. You should understand that fulfilling a few preconditions ahead of applying is important. Only if you can confirm about your citizenship, have a fixed salary and a valid checking account, you will be considered as eligible to apply. With us it can be easy to find loans with easy qualifying criteria.

Along with helping you to find favorable loan deals, we will also acquaint you with the risk involved in applying for a loan. We help you find short term loans that should never be considered as long term solution. Further, repayment should be done without any delay. Rescheduling and delaying repayment can get you into serious issues.

To ensure that you make the right deal we will try our best to provide you with clear information on borrowing cost, fees and charges and the terms and conditions of the lenders. For lenders it is important to assess the repayment ability of every applicant. Various credit assessment techniques are utilized for that.

At Loans In Hand you can freely access our services after you have registered with us. Count on our services and you can rest assured to find the loan deal you need.

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